Yahya Real Estate LLC

Yahya Real Estate LLC

Yahya Real Estate LLC is the latest business unit to be established. This new business will focus on the management of existing operating assets, the development of various land parcels held by the group and new business development in diverse industries such as travel and tourism, telecom and IT, lifestyle/leisure/hospitality/food and beverage, and light manufacturing.

Current real estate assets in Oman include Dolphin Village, a residential resort community; Dolphin Plaza, a food & services center; Ruwi Plaza, a retail complex; the Baushar & Gala land banks; the Seeb land bank and several apartment complexes throughout the Capital area.

Dolphin Village, A Residential Resort Community

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Dolphin Plaza

Dolphin Plaza is located at the entrance to Dolphin Village in Boushar. Opened in February 2012 this two level complex offers a range of food and service shops. The Plaza was designed to provide everyday conveniences for the Dolphin Village residents as well as the surrounding neighborhoods, businesses and colleges.

Tenants include O mart convenience store, Pizza Express, Royal Events Catering, Snowhite laundry & dry cleaning, and Kiwi Cafe. Dolphin Plaza also offers an additional alfresco seating area, facilities for men and woman and plenty of car parking.

Ruwi Plaza

Ruwi Plaza is a retail-shopping destination located in the heart of Ruwi, the main commercial area of Muscat. Opened in 1997, the complex houses shops featuring men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, shoes, fashion accessories, beauty products, novelty and gift items, computer sales and service, Snowhite laundry, textiles and household items. Other offerings include amusement arcade, Internet café, ice-cream parlour and a coffee shop. Amenities include free parking, multiple entrances, service and information desk, 24-hour security, prayer rooms, clean rest rooms, and a lift.

Seeb Land Bank

This beautiful seaside property is located in Seeb. The 28,000 square meters is being considered for future development by Yahya Group Holding LLC as their second residential resort community and named Dolphin Village by the Sea. The land enjoys both scenic and sea views with a beach. An ideal setting to allow the Dolphin Village by the Sea residents an opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity of Seeb and the Gulf of Oman but still an easy drive to the Muscat business and entertainment centers.

Bausher Land Bank

This prime property is located at Interchange 6 at the intersection of the new Muscat Southern Expressway and the Bausher dual carriageway in the heart of the fast growing Bausher area. This area is fast becoming the education hub of the city with 4 colleges and several international schools all located within a 5-minute drive. In addition, a number of high-end residential developments are currently under construction in the Bausher/Ansab area. The property has excellent visibility from all sides and multiple access points making it extremely attractive for the development of a hotel, retail, commercial offices and residential units. The property currently houses the Snowhite laundry factory and Yahya Construction, both of which are slated for future relocation. The beautiful new state of the art Yahya Group Holding LLC offices are located in the center of the property.

Ruwi Office Building & Staff Quarters

The Ruwi office, located in the Mumtaz area was headquarters for the predecessors of the Yahya Group Holding LLC companies, Snowhite Laundry and Yahya Enterprises to name two. Purchased in 1974 the office served the company efficiently till corporate expansion necessitated the move to the new state of the art headquarters in Bausher. The Ruwi building houses offices and apartments and has been renovated for further use.

Ghala Land Bank

The approximately 10,000 square meter land bank is located in Ghala and is currently the home to Yahya Group Holding LLC staff. This ideal situated property was acquired in 1985 and zoned for commercial use. Being in the center of the emerging Ghala district, the property is projected for retail and office development.

Sawadi Land Bank

This fertile green land is located in Al Sawadi. The 38,618 square meters was acquired in 2005 and is currently agricultural land. Al Sawadi is a beautiful region with large farms and world-class diving sites that offer abundant aquatic life off the coast. The Al Sawadi area also has numerous natural beaches and has become a tourist destination.



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